Thursday, May 13, 2010

When do I have time to blog?

I don't know how moms of multiple kids get anything done let alone blogging, facebook, email. I just don't have time for it! I need someone to teach me time management. I feel like all I do is fix food for Madison all day long and maybe fit in a little laundry and quickly pick up my house. Any free time I have I'm working. One day, when my kids are in school, maybe I can take a breath!

Here's my quick recap of the last 10 months, this will probably have to last for another 10 months because that's how my blog is going these days. Madison will be turning 2 in June. She is more active and has more attitude than ever! She loves having her nails painted, going down slides, swinging at the park, digging in the dirt with a shovel, pushing her baby in her stroller and wearing purses, necklaces and any of my high heels. She's starting to talk a ton! It's funny when she really thinks she is saying something important but it just comes out as gibberish. She loves being outside and will try to escape any time the door is open a crack. We had our house painted and am putting up the finishing touches as far as window treatments and deoorations. It's so nice when your house feels like a home! We are going to Hawaii in June and are so excited. I'm already having anxiety about the plane ride but hopefully we can get some benadryl for Madison and knock her out for at least part of the flight. I might have to take some myself so I don't get a panic attack :). Garrett just turned 30 in April and had a great birthday. I gave him 30 presents! Don't worry, they weren't all good ones. His favorite was a new 17hmr rifle (a gun for prarie dog hunting). As you can see in the picture above, Madison thinks its pretty cool too, especially when Garrett does the sound effects with it. As for me, I just had my birthday too and had a great weekend. Garrett and I went on a date night and to his demise shopped around for home decor and then went and saw Iron Man 2 (great movie). Saturday we went to the Zoo and it was perfect weather. We had a lot of fun! To finish it off, Sunday was Mothers day and Garrett made me breakfast in bed and we had a fun party over at his parents house. I'll post some more after my house is decorated and maybe when we get back from Hawaii:)

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Christi said...

Dear Wife,

I am so happy to read your updated post. I just updated mine today too. Thank you for being a great friend. I love you and appreciate your friendship, kind heart and support.

Wife # 2

The Hatch Batch said...

Wahoo! Nat's back! I loved reading your post. As for the time management, I can't help you out with much. My blogging comes with late night hrs. I just try to keep up on mine since my scrapbooking went out the door a long time ago. I'm still bummed we're not visiting teaching partners:( You were the best!!

Jake said...

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Avinuity said...

Nice post !!
Looks like sharing a complete journey of 10 months with a present of rifle!!

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